Drain Rooter Service Northfield, Ohio

So your toilet or sink is clogged and the plunger isn't doing the job. Call VIP Plumbing Inc.. We offer complete drain cleaning and rooter service for you entire home or business in Northfield, OH. You can call us 24 hours per day - we'll be there quickly and solve you drain problems quickly.

Clogged drain by dishwasher. All other fixtures are draining good. Three compartment sink and dishwasher were the only thing affected. Grease interceptor is packed with grease, manager is getting it cleaned.

Olde Eight Rd Unit 2 NORTHFIELD, OH

On garage roof which is next to the town hall. There are two roof drains and one is definitely blocked up. Used an extension ladder to get on the roof with a 1/2 drain machine. Ran cable through several times and then brought the hose up on the roof to make sure it was flowing. Both drains are open and flowing. This would normally be priced less but with being on the roof with had additional labor help.

Brandywine Rd. NORTHFIELD, OH

Ran main line sewer machine into main sewer 110ft back and forth several times. Pulled nothing back on the cable. Treated with heavy duty commercial liquid drain cleaner. Flushed with water for several minutes to make sure it was flowing good.

Northfield Road NORTHFIELD, OH

Diagnose drain line with sewer camera. Ran camera from small catch basin behind the bar. At 18 feet the pipe is half filled with water. At 22 feet the pipe is clean. At 33 feet there is another belly. At 48 feet the pipe is clean. Cannot push the camera out any further. Then ran the camera through the ladies room toilet flange. Found several bellies in the line. Located line out side and marked with green spray paint. In the future we could dig up the line outside and install a clean out for snaking and jetting. Labor and camera $344.81 Line outside is 4 feet deep near the building and drops down to 11 feet.

Northfield Road NORTHFIELD, OH

Ran camera from yard drain towards Unit #105. Drain line is clear coming horizontally from the catch basin to the vertical drain line at the condo. The catch basin ties into the downspout line between driveway and the house. This line has mud in it and needs to be dug up and repaired.

Aries Management Corp. 9821 Olde 8 Road, Suite C NORTHFIELD, OH

Called out to clean catch basins in the garages. Removed two full bags of waste from catch basins. Ran the medium size snake down one of the drains to improve the flow. It was draining slow. All drains are now taking water good.

Brandywine Rd. NORTHFIELD, OH

Was called out for a blockage in the main sewer. Tested and diagnosed possible main sewer backup. After running fixtures thoroughly we could not get the main sewer to backup. Ran the closet auger through 2 toilets in the women's room and 1 in the men's room. Also made adjustments to the water level in the women's ADA toilet and both middle stalls in the men's and women's rooms.

Olde Eight Rd Unit 2 NORTHFIELD, OH

Cable snaked main sewer

Olde Eight Road NORTHFIELD, OH