Drain Cleaning Bedford, Ohio

Have you ever flushed a toilet and had it overflow onto the floor, take a shower in a foot of standing water, or have what you flush down the toilet come up another drain? All of these types of problems are all associated with a blocked or restricted drain line.

VIP Plumbing Inc. offers complete and thorough drain cleaning service for you entire home or business in Bedford, OH. Our trucks are equipped with all of the tools and equipment necessary to solve your drain problems in Bedford, OH.

Ran large snake 110' from house to city line. Removed roots and paper build-up. Line clear.

Washington Ct. BEDFORD, OH

Pulled toilet to hydro-jet line which was clogged with large amounts of paper towel and wipes. Re-set toilet with new wax ring. Hydro-Jet catch basin in shop area. All line have been cleared.

Aurora Rd. BEDFORD, OH

Pulled toilet to cable snake sewer line with large machine. Retrieved large amount of paper towels and wipes. Cable snaked floor drain outside of restroom door with medium machine. Reset toilet.

Aurora Rd. BEDFORD, OH

Snaked kitchen line to remove clog/build-up.

Sagamore Rd. BEDFORD, OH

Clogged urinal in commercial bldg. Used auger and ram gun to clear clog. Tested line several times to ensure flow.

Northfield Rd. BEDFORD, OH

Auger women's restroom toilet to clear blockage.

Northfield Rd. BEDFORD, OH

Cable snaked back to back lav sinks in commercial building. Line open and flowing as it should.

Salisbury Rd. BEDFORD, OH

Water backing up in basement when any water is used in home. Cable snaked main sewer line 60'. Drain vision shows heavy grease in very rough cast iron pipe.

N. Meadow Park Dr. BEDFORD, OH

Cable snaked with lg. drain machine.

W. Grace St. BEDFORD, OH

Cabled with large drain machine. Jetted to clear all paper. Camera inspected. Found line is dumping into a riser for a trap. The riser is broken. A die test and camera are required to give a proper estimate.

W. Grace St. BEDFORD, OH

sewer backing up


snaked line

Broadway Ave BEDFORD, OH

Toilet backing up

W. Grace St. BEDFORD, OH

Slow drain

Talbot Dr. BEDFORD, OH

Attempted to uses the high pressure jetter to clean out the kitchen drains. The jet hose would not go through the 2 steel elbow in the wall. Attempted to go through the 2 opening in the floor but it was full of water and we would have flooded the kitchen when the jet turned on. Manager told us to stop and they would install a clean out in the line so it can be cleaned.

Union Street BEDFORD, OH

Cleared main sewer blockage with 1/2 machine. Basement bathroom pumped up into the main sewer and caused the kitchen to back up. Snaked from the clean out in the basement at the end of the run that catches the kitchen sink and sewage pump discharge.

Rauland Dr. BEDFORD, OH