Sewer Line Repair or Replacement Cleveland, Ohio

In Cleveland, OH, your sewer line is the drain piping system that connects your house main drain with the Cleveland, OH sewer system or your private septic tank. When installed, your main drain was watertight and the joints are impenetrable. Due to the way the pipe sections are joined or earth movements (earthquakes and earth settling) the joints can be compromised and roots from trees and bushes can find a way into the sewer system. Over time these roots or pipe movements can prevent proper water flow and your sewer backs up.

VIP Plumbing Inc. offers drain cleaning and sewer pipe replacement services. We can cut the roots that are growing in the pipes to allow the water to flow freely again. However, just like pruning a bush, the roots will grow back, often in greater size, strength and number than before. In Cleveland, OH, there are several options to consider for this problem. We can simply cable the drain, treat the sewer line chemically with a product, which retards root growth, or replace the broken pipes.

Call VIP Plumbing Inc. to have our sewer and drain experts evaluate your challenges.

Line blocked and 2 toilets not functioning

Carrington Ave CLEVELAND, OH

Cable snaked main sewer line appx. 50'. Drain vision-main sewer was broken in three spots not allowing full drainage. Roots and broken pipe blockage on bottom of pipe. Sewer flowing currently. Provided estimate for repair/replacement sewer.


Backed up sewer line-Snaked 4" sewer line 80'. Cleaned up a lot of roots in line.

E. 185th St. CLEVELAND, OH

Storm line is clogged. Jetted line and returned to proper flow. Installed new PVC connections for 4" castline to metal downspout. Concrete connection at base.

Jefferson Ave. CLEVELAND, OH

Excavate front yard to add a 6"clean-out. Hydro-jetted for roots and heavy cat litter in main line.


Replaced sanitary line

Henry Street CLEVELAND, OH

Drains backing up

Briarcliff Dr. CLEVELAND, OH


Jefferson Ave CLEVELAND, OH

Plugged Sewer

Pociana Cleveland CLEVELAND, OH

Roof drain on upper roof over stairs was plugged. There was only a small section of piping in the building but we were still not able to get the drain cleaning cable through the drain. Pumped the water off of the roof drain so we could cut out the plugged sections of piping. The section we removed was full of roofing tar. Reconnected the line with PVC pipe.

East 40th Street CLEVELAND, OH

This estimate is for repairing the damaged downspout line that was backed into by a truck at the loading dock. There was a temporarily repaired until a time the proper repair could be made. The cast iron pipe that goes into the ground has cracked below the asphalt and needs to be cut below grade a foot or two. We purpose to cut a 3 foot section of asphalt, jack hammer up the area and cut the 6 pipe below the cracked area. We will than connect to the line with a Mission band, bring the drain up, install a clean out and reconnect the down spout line. We will then pour 4 of concrete in place of the removed asphalt. All debris and materials will be removed from the job site.

East 40th Street CLEVELAND, OH

Rough in plumbing for Shampoo bowls in barber shop.


Cut a leaking section of a 2 drain line coming off a tank for the steam heat system. Also replace a 2 union on top of this tank that is leaking. Installed a 1 swing check on the incoming cold water of the water heater.

East 45th Street Suite #200 CLEVELAND, OH

Cut 4ft x 4ft opening around the fire main man hole. We will then break up the asphalt around it, remove the steel man hole cover, remove some of the bricks then install a new concrete riser reusing the steel manhole cover.

East 45th Street Suite #200 CLEVELAND, OH