Emergency plumbing, boiler & water heater repair, maintenance, and installation in Pepper Pike.

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Pepper Pike Plumbing & Boiler & Water Heater Services

Get the Emergency Plumbing Services You Need in Pepper Pike

Plumbing Service, Repair & Replacement in Pepper Pike

Plumbing problems can be a huge headache for you and your family in Pepper Pike. If you're experiencing any plumbing problems from leaky pipes, to water quality issues give VIP Plumbing a call. Our prompt, courteous, and professional service technicians will fix all of your plumbing problems, and put your mind at ease.

Are you suffering from a malfunctioning plumbing system? Give VIP Plumbing a call - we fix leaky pipes, dripping faucets, frozen pipes, and much more. Whatever your plumbing problem, we'll provide prompt and professional repairs.

Boiler Repair, Service, Replacement and New Installation

VIP Plumbing is Pepper Pike's local boiler system specialists! Our team of highly trained heating experts are ready to help you get comfortable again in your home this winter.

We provide maintenance, repair, replacement and new installation of high-efficiency boilers. When your boiler begins to heat your home less efficiently and require frequent repair it might be time to have a new system installed. VIP Plumbing is Pepper Pike’s boiler maintenance, repair, installation and replacement specialist. Get your home comfortable again before the cold winter hits.

Tankless & Tank Water Heater Clean, Flush & Maintenance

Tankless and tank water heaters aren’t any different from your car or heating system, to keep running efficiently and dependably you need annual maintenance. That is why we offer a thorough annual maintenance check to ensure that your investment in hot water is protected for years to come.

The team at VIP Plumbing is Pepper Pike’s tankless and high-efficiency tank preventative maintenance experts. We are ready to inspect and repair any issues with your water heater.

Our maintenance process includes:

  • Flushing of the water heater to remove sediment and calcium from the heat exchanger
  • Cleaning of the inlet filters
  • Cleaning of the flame sensor
  • Inspection of the T&P valve
  • Inspect and clean heat exchanger - Semi-annual
  • Inspection and cleaning of water heater venting

Call your local Pepper Pike tank and tankless water heater experts at VIP Plumbing to schedule your tankless and high-efficiency maintenance visit!

Tankless Repair Services in Pepper Pike

Is your water heater acting up? VIP Plumbing offers expert water heater repair. We can diagnose and take care of any issue your tankless or tank water heating system is having. Call our team today for prompt and professional repair services.

We know you rely on your water heater everyday and that is why we are dedicated to providing paramount repair services so your down-time is as short as possible. Schedule the repairs you need now - start enjoying hot water at home again.


  • Noisy Toilet
  • Running Toilet
  • Unusual Toilet Odor


  • Low Water Pressure
  • Garbage Disposal Service
  • Clogged Dishwasher

Showers & Tubs

  • Clogged Shower-head
  • Shower Leak
  • Temperature Fluctuations

General Plumbing

  • No Water
  • Low Water Pressure
  • Clogged Dishwasher
  • Foul Odors