Sewer Line Repair or Replacement Twinsburg, Ohio

In Twinsburg, OH, your sewer line is the drain piping system that connects your house main drain with the Twinsburg, OH sewer system or your private septic tank. When installed, your main drain was watertight and the joints are impenetrable. Due to the way the pipe sections are joined or earth movements (earthquakes and earth settling) the joints can be compromised and roots from trees and bushes can find a way into the sewer system. Over time these roots or pipe movements can prevent proper water flow and your sewer backs up.

VIP Plumbing Inc. offers drain cleaning and sewer pipe replacement services. We can cut the roots that are growing in the pipes to allow the water to flow freely again. However, just like pruning a bush, the roots will grow back, often in greater size, strength and number than before. In Twinsburg, OH, there are several options to consider for this problem. We can simply cable the drain, treat the sewer line chemically with a product, which retards root growth, or replace the broken pipes.

Call VIP Plumbing Inc. to have our sewer and drain experts evaluate your challenges.

Excavate the area in the outside yard to find if the sewer can be cleaned and used or needs to be replaced. We will dig up the yard and make a repair or figure what it takes to replace the sewer. Final landscaping in the yard will need to be done by others. We dug down to expose a 6 x 4 wye. At that locate we brought in a septic tank pump truck and removed over 2000 gallons of sewage water from the ditch and interior piping. We then attempted to clean the line with the sewer jet and camera the line to inspect it's location and condition. The line appears to dead end in the office space about 15 feet from the south side of the building. We then camered the lines from the inside bathrooms and found them to connect near where the 6 line ends. We adjusted the bill for the work done on this day. We had materials in the bill that we did not use because the line is abandoned. I deducted $200 off the original quote because we did not use any materials. I then addded the spetic tank charge and took a couple hours off for the guys and added a few hours for the time I worked on site.

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