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Clean, flush and check of Rinnai tankless water heater. Unit had dust, leaves and debris which were vacuumed out. Cleaned in-coming water filter. Flushed with Flow-Aid.

Community Dr. BEACHWOOD, OH

Flushed Rinnai Tankless unit with Flow-aide. Repaired incorrect pitch on flue pipe and cleaned filter under the unit.

Shaker Blvd. BEACHWOOD, OH

Replaced manufacturer supplied heat exchanger, vent assembly, vent motor and thermal fuse on tankless water heater unit.

Richmond Rd. BEACHWOOD, OH

Cleaned and flushed line from tank to tie-in on furnace/AC/humidifier line. Line contained heavy sludge. Also cleaned 1" drain line in the floor. Recommended Clean & Flush 2x's per year due to multiple units on one line.

Shaker Blvd. BEACHWOOD, OH

Tankless water heater was not working and showing code 10. Found a large active spider nest in unit. Cleared and returned to proper function.

Shaker Blvd. BEACHWOOD, OH

Code 12

Shaker Blvd. BEACHWOOD, OH

Replaced defective Navien CC-240A NG with a new unit sent out from Navien under warranty. Removed old unit from the wall and used existing connection fittings to install the new unit. New unit is operating properly. Model #NP-240A-NG Serial #9549S10Z2873024

Chagrin Boulevard BEACHWOOD, OH

Navien water heater was not heating properly. Removed the front cover and cleaned the intake air screen. The screen is full of a greasy debris being pulled in from the roof. The intake vent is near the range hood discharge. Cleaned with soapy water and replaced. Navien unit is now working properly.

Chagrin Boulevard BEACHWOOD, OH

Condensate line that was run from the new Rinnai unit is was plugged. Cut apart 1/2 ABS line and blew the air compressor through them to clear out the blockage. Poured water through the lines to make sure they were open and draining properly.


Greg Maclaren is the contact and that is his cell number listed. Assessed problems with a Navien tank less water heater. -Cleaned fresh air intake on the roof. Screen had a build up on it. -Cleaned air intake at the unit. -Replaced o-rings on leaking line from the heat exchanger -Installed remote control with control board -replaced defective shut off valve on hot side of unit -flushed unit with vinegar to clean out any lime build up Took two trip to diagnose and make repairs.

Chagrin Boulevard BEACHWOOD, OH