Leak Repair Solon, Ohio

Over the years, aggressive water or constant use can cause your water pipes to develop leaks. VIP Plumbing Inc. has the experience necessary to quickly identify the source of your leak and repair it.

Whether your piping is copper, galvanized, plastic, or anything else, in Solon, OH, VIP Plumbing Inc. is the one to call.

Re-routed washing machine/laundry tub drain lines.

Fairfield Oval SOLON, OH

Drained whole-house water & installed new 1/2" copper tee & compression shut off valve & new 1/4" line approx 15 ft

Brookland Ave SOLON, OH

No water

Mayapple Circle SOLON, OH

Called for leak coming into the living room ceiling. Tried to remove the Moen tub/shower valve handle so the cover plate could be removed and we could inspect with the camera. Handle set screw would not come out and the only way to remove it was to drill it out or cut the handle off. Opened a some hole in the ceiling where their was already damage so we could inspect for the leak. Found that when we splashed water onto the tub spout and spout escutcheon water would leak down onto the ceiling. Removed spout and sealed up the hole in the fiberglass where the copper line came through with silicone. also applied silicone around the outside of the escutcheon foe the spout and valve. Cleaned out the cracked grout in front of the tub and applied white adhesive caulk.

Hillside Lane SOLON, OH

Rework basement water lines to meet the plumbing code. Need to run 3/4 piping to the bathroom and kitchen areas. There are too many fixtures being fed with 1/2 piping. We will also pull a permit with the City of Cleveland Heights and perform the following items. Install and expansion tank on the water heater. Extend the relief valve for the water heater to 6 above the floor. Extend the dirt leg on the gas line for the water heater and replace the gas valve. Replace the water heater flue pipe. Support the 1 gas piping. Install 2 frost free sill cocks. One in the front and one in the back.

Miles Road SOLON, OH