Toilet Repair and Service Solon, Ohio

Not much can get your attention like a malfunctioning toilet. Toilet problems are often summed up by comments like:

In addition there is a lot of talk recently in Solon, OH about water conservation, and the use of newer low flow toilets.
At VIP Plumbing Inc. we know toilets. Our pleasant service people can be at you home in Solon, OH fast, fix your toilet, and get your life back on track.

Leaking toilet. Pulled tank to bowl and installed new tank to bowl seal, fill valve and flapper. Set level in tank. Tested for leaks-No leaks.

Birch Circle SOLON, OH

Pulled and resealed toilet to repair leak going through to basement.

Pine Lane SOLON, OH

Installation of customer supplied Kohler toilet.

Hummingbird Cr. SOLON, OH

Replaced supply line on toilet. Provided Estimate to replace 5 extra toilet supply lines, 2 fill valves and a wax seal.

Flanders Rd. SOLON, OH

not flushing

Linden SOLON, OH

Tested reduced pressure back flow and rebuilt flushometer on warehouse toilet.

Bainbridge Road Suite 200 SOLON, OH

Toilet repair wax ring fill valv

Settlers Way SOLON, OH

Toilet rebuild fill valve

Northwoods Lane SOLON, OH