Bathroom And Kitchen Work Hudson, Ohio

VIP Plumbing Inc. specializes in the installation and service of the best plumbing accessories available in Hudson, OH. Examples of these systems include:

  • Backflow preventers
  • Ejector pumps
  • Grey water systems
  • Garbage disposals
  • Hose bibs and outside faucets
  • Hot water dispensers
  • Hot water re-circulation systems
  • Point of use water filters
  • Pressure regulators
  • Rain water collection systems
If you need plumbing accessories in Hudson, OH for your home or business call VIP Plumbing Inc. today.

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VIP Plumbing Inc. Bathroom And Kitchen Work Hudson, Ohio

Recent Bathroom And Kitchen Work Hudson, Ohio by VIP Plumbing Inc.

Bathroom And Kitchen Work Hudson, Ohio
Replaced A Current Hose Bib With A New Frost Free 24 Inch Hose Bib.
Hudson, OH

Toto CST715

Gave pricing on all of the repairs listed below. American Standard Cadet toilet with seat Toto Drake toilet with seat Customer Supplied kitchen faucet Moen cartridge shower valve rebuild Install water hammer arrestors 1. Kitchen sink dripping. I think from the faucet but I don't remember for sure. 2. Second floor shower has water hammer. Maybe put hammer arrestors under the bathroom sink or if the shower valve backs up against a closet we could put an access panel and add the arrestors right at the valve itself. Look for other causes and options as well. 3. Gas line to front light does no work. Maybe clogged. Blow out with air compressor. Hopefully he has mantels so if you getting flowing you can turn it on. 4. He has a back flow device for the lawn sprinkler that is leaking from one of the test cocks. We have some test cocks some where either shop, #16 or #17. He of course does not want the water turned on to the sprinkler system. hopefully there is a valve leading out of the device and you can turn it off to test the repair.