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Installed new floor mount double bowl sink with top feed faucet.

Evergreen Drive BURTON, OH

Replaced three frost-free hose bibs and installed 1/2" shut offs on all three.

Evergreen Drive BURTON, OH

Leaking Well Pipe

Ravenna Road Burton BURTON, OH

Ryan is running the project for Impulliti. They want to install a gas log lighter to outside fireplace. This is a propane system. There is a black plastic 1/2 gas line that starts at the propane tank and runs over to the patio. You will have to make a connection to the plastic line at the propane tank. Probably flare fittings. At the patio you need to run about 6 feet from the plastic to a copper line that runs down to the fireplace. In this section at the patio we need to install a shut off valve and probably one at the tank. The 1/2 copper line comes up vertically in the fire pit. On the vertical down below the gravel (6-8)we need to transition to steel. Come up out of the ground and turn 90 degrees just below the rack/grate and install the starter. Make sure the started is supported on the other end as well. Maybe extend the log starter into the brick or turn a leg down.

Ravenna Rd. BURTON, OH