Sump Pump and Battery Back up Pump Service Bedford, Ohio

Basement flooding in Bedford, OH is a common problem. From sudden summer storms, or spring rains and thawing snow, you need VIP Plumbing Inc.. We have decades of experience dealing with the challenges of Bedford, OH homes and weather to ensure your basement and it's contents are protected from water damage.

Your sump tank and sump pump should be checked at least every year in order to ensure your system is operating at peak performance. Your sump pump puts in overtime work because of extreme weather conditions and higher water tables. VIP Plumbing Inc. is the only one to call to ensure proper sump pump maintenance in the Bedford, OH area.

Repaired float on sump pump, reworked sump pump piping inside house and repaired piping to storm sewer.

Bartlett Rd. BEDFORD, OH

Installed water-powered backup sump pump with backflow preventer. Re-plumbed washing machine & sink tub into stack

Whitetail BEDFORD, OH

High-pressure jetted sump line & returned to proper flow. Ran camera & cleaned BWV flap to ensure proper function

Rauland Dr. BEDFORD, OH

Replaced float swithc on sump pump lower area tire center

Rockside Rd. BEDFORD, OH

Sump not working

Broadway Ave BEDFORD, OH

sump pum not working

Rauland Dr. BEDFORD, OH

Customers basement footer drains are backing up into the basement. Storm lines and footer lines discharge out into the creek near the street. Try to use a flush bag from the inside two floor drain locations with no luck. Brought down the large sewer machine and tried to clear the drain from both drain locations. We were not able to get the machine to go out towards the front of the house and to the creek. Took the large sewer machine out to the piping where it goes into the creek. Ran the machine up towards the house. As the cable got close to the house the line finally opened. We brought back some roots on the end of the cable. Water continued to flow out of the drain line. We will return to run the camera in the drain line to see the problem. We also may look at any option of adding a sump pump as a backup system.

Rauland Dr. BEDFORD, OH

Replaced old sump pump with a Zoeller 1/3hp sump pump and new Legend check valve. New Zoeller sump pump has a 3 year manufacture warranty. Also cleaned up basement water at home owners request with squeegee and shop vacuum.

Bayberry Lane BEDFORD, OH