Plumbing Repairs Uniondale, Indiana

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For all those little jobs from fixing faucets, stopping drips, replacing old piping, replacing valves, repairing toilets, repairing water heaters, fixing underground water leaks, fixing gas lines, call VIP Plumbing Inc..

Adding a floor drain, replacing some of the overhead water lines with 3/4 copper and connecting the heat reclaim water heaters provided by others. VIP Plumbing, Inc. will cut open the concrete floor as necessary to run the new floor drain. We will remove the debris from the job site and patch the floor once the inspection has been approved. During the floor repair the trench will be covered with anchored plywood to protect the opening during business hours. The new floor drain will be equipped with a trap primer as required by local codes. VIP Plumbing, Inc. will remove and replace the 11/2 over head copper that ran back to the old water heaters with 3/4 copper from the new water heater location. These new lines will have a ball valves at the break point for tying in the new water heaters and connect to the existing 3/4 water lines that run to the back of the store. The new valves will be left in the off position since the lines at the back of the store are not currently tied into anything. The removal of the water heater on the pallet rack shelving will be coordinated with the store technician and the Club Manager. The Heat Reclaim Water Heaters are supplied and pre piped by others. All materials for the units should be supplied by others and VIP Plumbing is only responsible for connecting to the piping water outlets of these units. THE DRAWINGS CALL FOR A THERMAL EXPANSION TANK BUT I DO NOT SEE ONE AS PART OF THE PRE PACKAGED SYSTEM UNLESS IN WAS ELSE WHERE IN THE CLUB. WE CAN SUPPLY ONE IF NEEDED AT AN ADDITIONAL COST TO THIS PROPOSAL. IF NEEDED PLEASE LET US KNOW THE SIZE AND WEATHER IT NEEDS TO BE ASME RATED. We will isolate the new water heaters with ball valves so the electric can be tied in and the units made operational. This will allow the club to still have it's current hot water set up in place. Once the new units are fully tied in we will disconnect and remove the old heaters and water lines. VIP Plumbing, Inc will obtain a plumbing permit with the Village of Oakwood and pass all necessary plumbing inspections. All water lines will be run in type L copper and covered with 1 thick fiberglass insulation. The drain lines will be run in PVC pipe.