Water Pipe Replacement Services Richfield, Ohio

If your Richfield, OH home has water piping and is more than a decade or two old, or if you notice when you flush a toilet or turn the water on, that the water pressure drops in another part of the house or your hot water temperature fluctuates you may be need to have your water pipes replaced. Older water systems may have used galvanized pipe, or certain types of older plastic pipes that can either become obstructed, or can suddenly fail causing serious water damage.

VIP Plumbing Inc. offer expert repiping services in Richfield, OH. We understand the types of systems that are installed in Richfield, OH, and the best way to solve the risks and challenges that you might be facing. Call VIP Plumbing Inc. for scheduled or emergence pipe replacement services.

Rework existing gas meter setting to allow a 2 psi meter and then regulate the line to the generator to 7-10 inch water column and the house to 4 inch water column. There will be a new 1 steel line run to the generator. This line may run exposed on the side of the house. All outside steel pipe will be painted. Dominion Gas said they would supply the needed regulator to set up for a 2 psi meter.


Relocate the gas meter around the corner of the house next the new generator. We will have to dig down next the house to locate the existing plastic gas service line so we can then take it and bring it up next to the side of the house. We will then install a new riser and meter manifold. From there the gas will come off of the top of the meter and reconnect to the house line located on the back side of the home and then run a new line to the generator. We will paint all of the new piping we install that is exposed. The patio bricks will need to be replaced by others after the work is completed.


Rework gas meter and regulators to accommodate new generator. The gas company will supply us a medium pressure to two PSI regulator. This regulator will be installed before the meter and then the gas company will install a new red faced 2PSI meter. After the meter we will run a new 2PSI plastic line to the generator and new install a 2 PSI to 15 inch water column at the generator. We will then connect this line to the inlet on the generator. The original house line will have a new 2PSI to 7 Inch water column regulator installed at the remote meter location. Had to do additional work to the inside gas piping. Tested the interior piping after reworking the outside meter setting and found that a 1 street 90 was leaking. To repair the 90 we had to disassemble the some of the piping to gain access to the leaking fitting. Retested the line after repair and it is holding fine.