Leak Repair Northfield, Ohio

Over the years, aggressive water or constant use can cause your water pipes to develop leaks. VIP Plumbing Inc. has the experience necessary to quickly identify the source of your leak and repair it.

Whether your piping is copper, galvanized, plastic, or anything else, in Northfield, OH, VIP Plumbing Inc. is the one to call.

Outside spicket

E. Twinsburg Rd. NORTHFIELD, OH

Installed 7 owner supplied water meters in apartment building. also looked at water heater in unit 6. Complaint was not enough hot water. Unit appears to be fine.

Shoppe of Northfield, Inc. 63 East Aurora Rd. (Route 82) PO Box 506 NORTHFIELD, OH

Repair small damaged area of water main. Installed 4 feet of 3/4 K copper with two flare unions. Used pinch off tool to stop water flow as damage to the pipe was up stream of the curb valve.

Brandywine Rd. NORTHFIELD, OH

Rebuild wall hydrant on front side of building.

Olde Eight Rd Unit 2 NORTHFIELD, OH

Completion of overhead water lines and setting of eye washes from proposal #100789

South Boyden Road NORTHFIELD, OH

Completion of installing new 3/4 water main from the house to the street. Well pump was removed and the 5 well casing was filled with 42 bags of Bentonite. Proposal price had $750.00 for capping the well. There was no record with Summit County of this well. We could not fined the size or depth of the well prior to starting the work. The well was 212 feet deep and 5 in diameter.

Morning Side Drive NORTHFIELD, OH

Diagnose water leak by furnace

Northfield road NORTHFIELD, OH