Gas Tank Water Heaters North Royalton, Ohio

Nationwide, more homes use tank style gas water heaters than any other system to meet water heating needs. VIP Plumbing Inc. specializes in the repair, service and installation of gas tank water heaters in North Royalton, OH.

Typically tank water heaters last 12 or more years. Do not wait until your system fails or leaks to have VIP Plumbing Inc. take a look at your existing water heater.

If your water heater in North Royalton, OH is already broken or leaking VIP Plumbing Inc. offers same day emergency repair or replacement of gas water heaters.

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Recent Gas Tank Water Heaters North Royalton, Ohio by VIP Plumbing Inc.

Rheem 42V50-50F

Were at the customers last March and cleaned the flame proving rod. Talked to Rheem tech support back in March and they then sent out a new igniter assembly. Since the unit has been working at the time she decided not to have us come back out. Now the unit is acting up again. This time we installed the new igniter assembly and the unit was working when we left. The next day it did not work again. We again contacted Rheem technical support and they sent out a new gas control valve, igniter and burner along with a new door for the burner area. This new control valve was completely different from the old one. New control valve was a Honeywell unit. There must have been a problem with the old components since they sent all new ones that were different.

Rheem 42V50-50F

Rheem 50 gallon power vent water heater was not working properly. Called Rheem technical support to confirm diagnoses of the water heater. It was determined that the spark igniter needed replaced. Rheem sent a new through Fed ex. The unit was currently working after being reset, so the home owner was not going to have us install the part at this time. PGD12U1.0 Installed a new Badger 5 1/2HP disposal. S/N 10011812190