Leak Repair Independence, Ohio

Over the years, aggressive water or constant use can cause your water pipes to develop leaks. VIP Plumbing Inc. has the experience necessary to quickly identify the source of your leak and repair it.

Whether your piping is copper, galvanized, plastic, or anything else, in Independence, OH, VIP Plumbing Inc. is the one to call.

Repaired 1/2" hot water pipe.

Rockside Woods Blvd. INDEPENDENCE, OH

Repair 1/2 copper water line leaking in the wall. System had to be drained down once we were on site which took some extra time. Small access hole to make repair. Repair was made with solder fittings. Turned water back on and inspected repair for leaks. Line is holding tight.

Rockside Woods Blvd. INDEPENDENCE, OH

Replaced 4 galvanized Victaulic tee above the hot water storage tanks. Also on this invoice is gasket materials Jim Baker picked up from a local supply house.

Rockside Woods Blvd. INDEPENDENCE, OH