Drain Rooter Service Cleveland Heights, Ohio

So your toilet or sink is clogged and the plunger isn't doing the job. Call VIP Plumbing Inc.. We offer complete drain cleaning and rooter service for you entire home or business in Cleveland Heights, OH. You can call us 24 hours per day - we'll be there quickly and solve you drain problems quickly.

Master bath sink on second floor is was clogged and draining slow. Used 1/4 cable machine to clear out the drain. After snaking the drain and bring back allot of hair the drain was better but still slow. It looked like under the sink some one tried to create a loop vent in 11/2 PVC pipe. The loop vent was installed incorrectly and was not helping the sink to drain. We installed an air admittance valve under the sink to allow for proper venting and now the sink is draining good.