Drain Cleaning Cleveland Heights, Ohio

Have you ever flushed a toilet and had it overflow onto the floor, take a shower in a foot of standing water, or have what you flush down the toilet come up another drain? All of these types of problems are all associated with a blocked or restricted drain line.

VIP Plumbing Inc. offers complete and thorough drain cleaning service for you entire home or business in Cleveland Heights, OH. Our trucks are equipped with all of the tools and equipment necessary to solve your drain problems in Cleveland Heights, OH.

Cable snake shower and bathroom sink. Removed clog and returned to proper flow.


Cable snaked slow draining lav line-Returned to proper flow.


Cable snaked lavatory drain on the second floor next to the laundry room. Drain is now open and flowing. Cable snaked stair well drain on right side of house closest to Chatham. Also tried to cable snake stair way drain in back yard. It appears the pipe is separated or collapsed. Could not get drain machine cable in more than three feet and there was dirt and clay on the end of the cable. If home owner would like we would have to break open the area around the stair way drain in the back yard and try to fix the problem. We can not guarantee it could be fixed since it is unclear exactly what the problem is.

Fairmount Boulevard CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH

Customer had another plumber out a couple of weeks ago when the lav drain was blocked up. The line appeared to be leaking down into the dining room when it was clogged. When they cabled the line open the leak stopped. Customer wanted us to take a look at the open ceiling where there was some discoloration in the wood to just make sure there was no longer a leak. Filled sink serval times but could not make it show any signs of leaking. If line clogs again the line will probably leak under the pressure when the pipe is full of water. Line is encased in the concrete floor and not easily assessable.

Fairmount Boulevard CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH