Toilet Repair and Service Chesterland, Ohio

Not much can get your attention like a malfunctioning toilet. Toilet problems are often summed up by comments like:

In addition there is a lot of talk recently in Chesterland, OH about water conservation, and the use of newer low flow toilets.
At VIP Plumbing Inc. we know toilets. Our pleasant service people can be at you home in Chesterland, OH fast, fix your toilet, and get your life back on track.

Repair Delta wide spread lavatory faucet. Installed two new cartridges, springs and hat washers. Complete rebuild of 100 year wall mount tank toilet. Removed toilet tank from wall and bowl. Installed new offset flush elbow, Fluidmaster 400A fill valve and flush ball. We ended up make additional trips because the wall needed repaired behind the toilet once it was removed.

South Woodside Drive CHESTERLAND, OH

Removed the old repair flange that was installed on the second floor toilet. Installed a new brass floor flange and installed a new Gerber Viper 21-518 toilet with a wood seat.

South Woodside Drive CHESTERLAND, OH