Gas Tankless Hot Water Heaters Brecksville, Ohio

Tankless hot water heaters from VIP Plumbing Inc. have become very popular in Brecksville, OH. Unlike conventional water tanks that make and store hot water 24 hours per day, tankless water heaters produce hot water as you are using it and shut down when you are done. A typical homeowner or business in Brecksville, OH can expect substantial energy savings. In addition, gas tankless units never run out of hot water so they are extremely convenient. Enjoy high efficiency, energy savings and endless hot water with a tankless system.

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Recent Gas Tankless Hot Water Heaters Brecksville, Ohio by VIP Plumbing Inc.

Rinnai RC98HPi Condensing Tankless Water Heater

Installation of a Rinnai RC98HPI condensing tankless water in place of the 40 gallon tank water heater. (RINNAI DOES NOT HAVE THE CIRCULATING PUMP AND CURRENTLY ARE OFFERING FREE VENT PIPE WITH A UNIT. THIS HELPED LOWER THE COST SOME.)We will remove the old water heater from the job site. The Navien unit will hang in the new basement area on the block wall. We will tap into the 1 gas line just on the other side of the wall in the original basement. The gas line will be 1 over to the unit and 3/4 going into it. The vent piping will be run in 3 PVC and taken out e backside of the house through the joist bay. There is no permit included in this price and if one becomes necessary there will be additional charges. If you want us to pull a permit prior to starting the work we can. The unit has a circulation pump installed in it and there is an option price to add the line in pex tubing back to the old water heater location. Both of the units have a condensate drain and we need to find a place to drain them. Model #RC98HPIN Serial #BH.BA-021815

Rinnai RC80HPI Condensing Tankless Water Heater