Leak Repair Akron, Ohio

Over the years, aggressive water or constant use can cause your water pipes to develop leaks. VIP Plumbing Inc. has the experience necessary to quickly identify the source of your leak and repair it.

Whether your piping is copper, galvanized, plastic, or anything else, in Akron, OH, VIP Plumbing Inc. is the one to call.

Thawed frozen pipe going to master bath through ceiling. Cut out and replaced broken copper. Recommended customer to insulate. Second leak found under tub. cut and capped for now. Tub would have to be replaced to reconnect.

Sanctuary Dr. AKRON, OH

Installed a new 1 brass pressure reducing valve after water meter. Installed a new 1/2 ball valve on copper line in basement. Removed existing valve for washing machine and installed 2 new wing ell's and boiler drains. Set new 1 PRV at 61 PSI. No leaks.

Akron Peninsula Road AKRON, OH