Commercial Water Heater Service Northfield, Ohio

If you have a restaurant, commercial facility, or operate a inn or hotel in Northfield, OH your business can't run without hot water.

Providing reliable hot water in a commercial setting is no easy job. At VIP Plumbing Inc., we have the experience necessary to fix your water heating system fast and get you back in business.

Installed a new damper control on the Rheem G100-250A water heater. First hour and trip charge was spent diagnosing that one of the wires coming off of the control was shorting out and causing the gas valve to shut off. The wire in question was shorting out behind the circuit board. We ordered a new damper control for Rheem. When the part arrived we found that the draft hold on the new part was 8 in diameter and the original part was 6. When we called the manufacture they suggested that we replace the flue pipe going through the roof. After looking at the two parts we decided to remove the rivets that hold the control to the draft hood and attach the new control to the old draft hood. This took considerable time but was a much better option than replacing the flue pipe and patching the roof.

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