Plumbing Repairs Hudson, Ohio

VIP Plumbing Inc. prides itself on being the most reliable and knowledgeable plumber in Hudson, OH. No job is too large or too small.

For all those little jobs from fixing faucets, stopping drips, replacing old piping, replacing valves, repairing toilets, repairing water heaters, fixing underground water leaks, fixing gas lines, call VIP Plumbing Inc..

Moved customer supplied washer box 3' to the side and lowered 12" down the wall. Tested for leaks.

Blue Herron Dr. HUDSON, OH

Replace existing cast iron drain lines under two bathrooms with new PVC for two toilets, two lavatories and a shower. All fixtures were reused. New traps installed for both lavatories.

W. Streetsboro St. HUDSON, OH

Rework kitchen piping and redirect sump discharge to vertical portion of the two line. Installed new AAV valve and trap on kitchen sink.

W. Streetsboro St. HUDSON, OH

Replaced wiring harness in an Elkay Water Cooler

Hudson Industrial Parkway HUDSON, OH

Toilet was leaking into the basement. Pulled toilet and reset. Cut out flange and pipe section and installed new. Set flange to floor height. Installed new wax ring, tee bolts and supply line.

Bendleton Rd. HUDSON, OH

Check well line

Red Fox Trail HUDSON, OH


Red Fox Trail HUDSON, OH

Westbrook Way HUDSON, OH