Drain Rooter Service Euclid, Ohio

So your toilet or sink is clogged and the plunger isn't doing the job. Call VIP Plumbing Inc.. We offer complete drain cleaning and rooter service for you entire home or business in Euclid, OH. You can call us 24 hours per day - we'll be there quickly and solve you drain problems quickly.

Customer states that they are getting a sewer gas smell in the basement from time to time. Remove the 4 clean out plug to run the camera down the line and check for cracked clay pipe and look for a blockage. When we removed the plug found some standing water at the clean out opening. Once we pushed the camera in a few feet the water went down. not sure if this could be causing the problem or not. Ran the camera through the sewer and could not see any damage to the clay pipe nor did we see any blockages in the line. Trap for the floor drain under laundry sink was holding water and did not appeared damaged. Suggested flushing beach down the line to see if this helps a little. Will have to monitor the situation and see if the odor returns. If it does we may need to put a smoke test on the system to see where the odor maybe coming from.

Nicholas Avenue EUCLID, OH