Water Pipe Replacement Services South euclid, Ohio

If your South euclid, OH home has water piping and is more than a decade or two old, or if you notice when you flush a toilet or turn the water on, that the water pressure drops in another part of the house or your hot water temperature fluctuates you may be need to have your water pipes replaced. Older water systems may have used galvanized pipe, or certain types of older plastic pipes that can either become obstructed, or can suddenly fail causing serious water damage.

VIP Plumbing Inc. offer expert repiping services in South euclid, OH. We understand the types of systems that are installed in South euclid, OH, and the best way to solve the risks and challenges that you might be facing. Call VIP Plumbing Inc. for scheduled or emergence pipe replacement services.

Install rough plumbing for three colonic treatment stations. Final hookup of equipment to be done by others. All drain lines and vent lines to be in PVC. Water lines to be run in type M copper with 1/2 fiberglass insulation. We will pass all necessary plumbing inspections with the City of University Height. The directions list the possible need for back flow prevention but says it is not a requirement. I did not include anything at this time for the back flow devices. We should check with the City of University Heights to see what they want. We should be able to get something that just screws on at the connection.

Cedar Road Suite 390 SOUTH EUCLID, OH

PVB1101 3/4 Ball valve replacement Installed a new 3/4 valve on the water main.


Cut open ceiling in kitchen to gain access to the 1/2 galvanized line that feeds the toilet sink and shower on the second floor. Tried to remove a small section of pipe for replacement with copper. The galvanized line broke off at the fitting. We then had to run a new 1/2 copper line down the wall into the basement. In the basement we installed a new 1/2 ball valve to shut off this section of piping when it corrodes further.

Quilliams Road SOUTH EUCLID, OH

Was back out at this building on two occasions to look for gas leaks. Tested right up to the 1 gas valve to the boiler and found that the valve was not holding. When we returned the second time found that the 11/2 steel line coming through the block wall was leaking. Once the pipe was removed we could see that the line had rusted out. This took more time than any of us would have liked but we keep testing after the valve that controls the mechanical room and we would find problems. We should have tested the whole building when we first got there but were trying to keep cost down by going with what we were thought to be a leak after the gas shut off.

Cedar Road Suite 390 SOUTH EUCLID, OH