Leak Repair Rocky river, Ohio

Over the years, aggressive water or constant use can cause your water pipes to develop leaks. VIP Plumbing Inc. has the experience necessary to quickly identify the source of your leak and repair it.

Whether your piping is copper, galvanized, plastic, or anything else, in Rocky river, OH, VIP Plumbing Inc. is the one to call.

Customer has a hose bib spigot in the back of the house that runs from the laundry room into the crawl space to the back of the house. The body of the hose bib actually froze and split which caused the leak. Took out broken spigot and installed a new Legend frost free quarter turn hose bib. There was not a shut off for this hose bib so we installed a new 1/2 ball valve and bleeder coupling near the opening of the crawl space. NOTE: When cold weather comes make sure to shut off the ball valve to this hose bib. When the valve is shut off open the hose bib and remove the cap from the bleeder coupling to prevent freezing over the winter. Once the line is drained make sure to replace the bleeder coupling cap.

Beachcliff Blvd ROCKY RIVER, OH

Installed frost free hose bib that required two openings in the ceiling of the exercise room. Installed shut off valve for the new hose bib in the furnace room. Ran 1/2 pex to new location and connected to the Legend 1/4 turn hose bib.

Morewood Pkwy ROCKY RIVER, OH

Tested 1 pressure vacuum breaker for sprinkler system. Air Inlet Valve Passed 3.6 Check Valve Passed 1.8 Wilkins 1 Pressure Vacuum Breaker Serial #300649

Morewood Pkwy ROCKY RIVER, OH