Service Hudson, Ohio

Rheem 22V40F1 Gas Water Heater
Replace a Bradford White 50 gallon MI5040S6EN10 standard water heater with two Rheem 40 gallon tanks piped in parallel. Reworked gas piping and b-vent to accommodate the new tanks. Both tanks were set in aluminum drain pans and piped to the floor drain. Old tank Serial number - ZC2898545 Both new Rheems are model# 22V40-F1 Serial# RHLN0211418567 (left tank) Serial# RHLN0211418576 (right tank)
Bendleton Road HUDSON, OH

Navien NR-180 Condensing Tankless Water Heater
Replaced Navien PC board on tankless water heater. Found that it was not functioning properly when we tested lasted time out. Navien sent the parts Fedx to the customer. Master bath lavatory faucet would flow enough water to turn on the tankless water heater. Clean out the airaetor on the faucet and then it worked properly. Fax them a service contract for annual check ups.
Valley View Road HUDSON, OH

Navien NR-180A Condensing Tankless Water Heater W/ Circ
New home that was built about 9 months ago. She has two Navien units and each one services a different part of the house. I don't know why they did it that way? One of the units is not producing hot water properly and never has. The other one seems to work fine. The one not working properly may a loud banging noise the other day, one she could hear upstairs. Her plumber has been back out but can't fix it. We were referred by Navien. Diagnosed the unit that was not working properly and contacted Navien. They are sending out a new PC board. Unit was fluctuating in temperature. PC board should be sent to home owner. Model # NR-180A NG Serial# 9543-20100227-3902
Valley View Road HUDSON, OH

Toto CST715
Gave pricing on all of the repairs listed below. American Standard Cadet toilet with seat Toto Drake toilet with seat Customer Supplied kitchen faucet Moen cartridge shower valve rebuild Install water hammer arrestors 1. Kitchen sink dripping. I think from the faucet but I don't remember for sure. 2. Second floor shower has water hammer. Maybe put hammer arrestors under the bathroom sink or if the shower valve backs up against a closet we could put an access panel and add the arrestors right at the valve itself. Look for other causes and options as well. 3. Gas line to front light does no work. Maybe clogged. Blow out with air compressor. Hopefully he has mantels so if you getting flowing you can turn it on. 4. He has a back flow device for the lawn sprinkler that is leaking from one of the test cocks. We have some test cocks some where either shop, #16 or #17. He of course does not want the water turned on to the sprinkler system. hopefully there is a valve leading out of the device and you can turn it off to test the repair.
Westbrook Way HUDSON, OH

Zurn CST715
Installed two new Zurn Aqua flush flushometers on the men's room urinals. Repair for the old unit would have been hard to find and pricey with labor to find them. Installing the new valves is the best way to go.
Excutive Parkway West Sutie 100 HUDSON, OH

Installed New Gas Line & Valve.

Darrow Rd. HUDSON, OH