Toilet Repair and Service Gates mills, Ohio

Not much can get your attention like a malfunctioning toilet. Toilet problems are often summed up by comments like:

In addition there is a lot of talk recently in Gates mills, OH about water conservation, and the use of newer low flow toilets.
At VIP Plumbing Inc. we know toilets. Our pleasant service people can be at you home in Gates mills, OH fast, fix your toilet, and get your life back on track.

Pulled and reset toilet with new wax ring, replaced tank bolts to tank seal-Gaskets went bad.

Berkshire Rd. GATES MILLS, OH

Master bath toilet was leaking from the base. Pulled toilet and reset with new wax ring. Toilet base is now leak free.

Rodgers Road GATES MILLS, OH

Toilet reset Customer has water spotting on the kitchen ceiling which appears to be below the toilet in the master bath. She said water had backed up recently and the toilet was plunged to clear the blockage. Pulled toilet to inspect the flange and the wax ring. The flange does not appear to be damaged and nothing stand out as the problem. Reset the toilet with a new wax ring and re caulked the toilet to the floor. Instructed the home owner to monitor the ceiling and look for further spotting. I the problem does persist we will have to possibly open the ceiling and inspect the piping. Mark Simon would like to keep in the loop with the problems you find.

Hillcreek Lane GATES MILLS, OH